Apple - Gala
Apple - Granny Smith
Apple - Red Delicious
Apple - Pink Lady
Banana - Lady Finger
Brussel Sprouts
Cabbage - Drumhead
Cucumbers Continental
Grapefruit Red Ruby
Grapes - White
Honeydew Melon
Iceberg Lettuce
Kiwi Fruit
Lemons Australian
Nectarines- USA
Nectarines - AUS
Onions - Brown
Onions - Red
Oranges Navel
Oranges 3kg
Paw Paw
Peaches - AUS
Peaches- USA
Pears Burre Bosc
Pears Packham
Plums - AUS
Plums- USA
Potatoes Brushed
Snow Peas
Spring Onion
Sweet Potato
Tomato - Truss
Tomato- Cherry
Tomato - Egg


    Quality brands and exclusive ranges to add value to your customer experience.




    Proudly supplying independent retailers and green grocers for more than 25 years.

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    Our experienced team provide hands-on assistance for new store set-ups and seasonal relay changes.

Proudly supplying to:

More than just a wholesaler


For any business to succeed in today’s competitive climate, having total support and understanding from your supplier is just as important as having the right stock on your shelves.

The highly experienced Fruitlink team is passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality fruit and vegetables, the most on-trend gourmet and organic lines, and a full value-added range for a convenient and efficient one-stop-shop experience.

Our offer is supported with industry-leading customer service and sales and marketing support for your business.

Fruitlink has a dynamic in-store retail consulting team providing complete support and solutions to work with you to maximise sales and grow your business.

One order, one delivery, one invoice.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • "For 15 years we have used Fruitlink for all of our fruit and vegetable supply. We have found a consistent quality and supply that meets our high standards that we require for our supermarket. Fruitlink's understanding of the supermarket industry and their product knowledge is outstanding. Regular field visits to our store helps us to keep up with the ever changing trends and the Fruitlink gourmet range complements our the store range."
    Peter Kinder, Agnes Water Foodworks (Winner of National store of the year 2016)
  • "Fruitlink has done a tremendous job in growing and developing our produce departments. Their professionalism in providing a high level of retail support complimented with an extensive range of high quality produce consistently, in my view, sets them apart from any other produce supplier." We also expanded our offer with their gourmet and organic ranges which has produced great sales results. I would strongly recommend Fruitlink for any business looking for either a ‘point of difference’ on their quality of produce or a business that requires industry leading retail support".
    Raelene Hopper, Managing Director, HG Retail (IGA)
  • "Fruitlink has delivered great support and commitment with our IGA at Hamilton Island. All their team members have been very passionate with a high level of pride in retailing and presentation displays of product. They are great mentors for our team".
    David Boyd, General Manager Retail, Activities, Marina & Concessionaires, Hamilton Island
  • "We have been a loyal customer of Fruitlink for 12 years. Over this time I have found Fruitlink to be very reliable, providing an outstanding level of quality, service and professionalism. Our customers' expectations on quality produce is high and Fruitlink provides this consistently 52 weeks of the year. In our business, we deal with a large amount of suppliers and have found Fruitlink to be consistently of the highest standard, both in quality of goods and administration, always being able to resolve any issue immediately over the phone. Fruitlink adds value to our business in many areas however the greatest benefit we get is reliability and trustworthiness. Knowing the product being placed on the display is of the highest quality. They have great ability sourcing products on request and we have used their facility for cross docking regularly. Fruitlink’s people are of the highest standard throughout the organisation which means quality assurance across the whole company from ordering, picking and stacking of pallets to retail merchandising support, resulting in the best possible product on the shelf at store level. This leaves us with satisfied customers who regularly have good comments on the produce we supply to them".
    Pat and Louise Connor, SPAR Supermarket Urunga
  • “Fruitlink offers support from the wholesale market floor all the way to the shop floor. Their dedication to top quality produce aligned with their in-store support has changed the way we operate. We deal with many personnel at Fruitlink and no matter what the question, order or request is, it is dealt with in a timely fashion every single time. We have continued to collaborate ideas and come up with new tactics for in store and we would not have achieved this innovation without the Fruitlink team right next to us. Their retail support has been integral to our consistency of offer, the growth of our team and our in store sales.”
    Dan Palmer, Owner, Hawthorne Garage
  • “It almost goes without saying that the fruit, vegetables and gourmet lines provided to our business by Fruitlink is consistently of the highest quality. What sets Fruitlink apart from any other supplier is that across the whole company, Fruitlink continually provides us with outstanding and unparalleled support toward improving, growing and developing our produce department. With daily phone calls with various members of the incredible Fruitlink team and regular store visits sharing knowledge, expertise or a little manual labour, Fruitlink always make us feel important, well supported and cared for. Fruitlink is more than just a supplier to The Greener Grocer - the team is such an integral part of our business they are a part of our Greener Grocer family.”
    Niamh O'Dowd, Director, The Green Grocer
  • "Fruitlink has been our produce supplier since 2010. Being situated in a regional location, consistent quality is really important for us and Fruitlink always delivers. They also provide us with great instore support and training to help our team. We really appreciate the personal hands on service. I would recommend Fruitlink to anyone that is looking for great quality and service."
    Greg Dempsy, Bowen IGA
  • “The decision to transfer our produce and gourmet supply to Fruitlink has undoubtedly been a giant move forward for the business. The consistency of quality produce has had a dramatic impact on customer satisfaction and the personalised service from the buying team ensures we receive the best produce tailored to our store. Perhaps the biggest impact can be accredited to the enthusiasm and experience shown by Mark and the merchandising team. We are now constantly complimented by customers on the transformation of the store and this more importantly has led to strong and immediate sales growth. As an independent fresh produce store, Fruitlink has provided invaluable assistance and we look forward to working with them long into the future.”
    Adam & Bridget, Fresh Fruit Bros.