Retail Consultant Team

A fruitlink bonus from us to you

Our unique selling proposition extends beyond offering superior produce and excellent value. Fruitlink sets itself apart by providing a dedicated Retail Consultant Team. 

Our experienced Retail Consultant Team will personally visit your store, customising solutions that align with your growth objectives. We will collaborate with you to optimise your store’s performance, providing comprehensive customer support, gross profit strategies, business assessments, sales improvement techniques, store relays, presentation and organisation tips, in-store retail training, marketing resources and app or online ordering tech support. Whatever your requirements may be, our team is committed to supporting you.

And the best part? This additional service comes at no cost to you. It’s a Fruitlink bonus, provided as a gesture of our commitment to your success.

Boost your sales with enhanced store relays

The Merchandise Team took a trip to Gumdale IGA to perform a produce relay. In the video to the left, you can see how the Justin, John and Scott work together, using colour segmentation to help catch the customers eye while shopping!


"Fruitlink has done a tremendous job in growing and developing our produce departments. Their professionalism in providing a high level of retail support complimented with an extensive range of high-quality produce consistently, in my view, sets them apart from any other produce supplier. We also expanded our offer with their gourmet and organic ranges which has produced great sales results. I would strongly recommend Fruitlink for any business looking for either a ‘point of difference’ on their quality of produce or a business that requires industry leading retail support."

Raelene Hopper, Managing Director, HG Retail (IGA)

from this to that!

Just West of Yeppoon, you’ll find a small country town called Clermont, and within Clermont, you will find a humble IGA called Beales.

Merchandiser Brendon spent two days ensuring the produce department was looking its best and we couldn’t be prouder of his work. Check it out!