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3 Things To Do With Leftover Easter Eggs

It’s Easter time, aka the best time of year for all the chocolate lovers out there. But what happens when you’ve gotten your sugar fix and there’s still a ton of Easter eggs left? One thing is for sure, don’t let them take up valuable fridge real estate.

We share three clever ways to use up the rest of those eggs. All you need to do is melt them down, have fun while doing so and you’ll avoid the waste!

Dip it

Leftover Easter egg chocolate is the perfect way to entice the kids to try new fruits. It is no secret that when fresh fruits are dipped in chocolate, they are instantly more appealing.

To melt chocolate, place in a microwave-proof bowl. Heat for 60 seconds, stir, and then heat for a further 30 seconds. Continue this process until melted and then, get dipping!

Practically any fruit is dippable, so your options are endless. Try using in-season fruit like citrus, bananas, or apples. Dip in chocolate and it makes the perfect on-the-go snack or lunchbox treat.

Bake it

This is another simple way to get the kids in the kitchen!

All you need to do is melt down the easter eggs and stir into your favourite, muffin recipe. For a healthy spin, try mixing in some seasonal strawberries or ripe raspberries to the batter. If you’re after that crunch factor, try adding oats or muesli. GoodMix has created blends that will add a nutritional boost to your bake.


The best part, muffins can be frozen and enjoyed at a later date.

DIY it

Stir up some fun with these rich hot chocolate spoons.

Melt down your leftover Easter Eggs, dip your spoons into chocolate and then add any topping you fancy. It’s as simple as that! We recommend the range of sweets from Kelly’s Candy Co,  we’re talking fruit jellies, honeycomb, caramels and marshmallows. Then leave the spoons to set in the fridge.

Once set, these spoons can then be added to hot milk and stirred for an instant hot chocolate. Our pick for the deliciously creamy option is the cold-pressed raw milk from Made by Cow.

Talk about innovation!


Team Fruitlink would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. We hope you enjoy the season of chocolate!

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