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All About Apples: The New Varieties We're Loving This Season

Ah Apples! Traditionally, Australian supermarkets continue to be dominated by three varieties, and for good reason too, Cripps Pink (sold as Pink Lady®), Gala, and Granny Smith. While they are well-known and much loved among your customers, with so many new ranges on offer, it might be time to change up your apple displays, add these range building varieties to your shelves and capitalise on the sales that follow.

Meet all the unique apples on offer below and you’ll be wishing you ranged these exciting new varieties sooner!

Rockit Apples

Meet the world’s first miniature apple! Rockit Apples are your customer’s answer to grab and go goodness. Grown and packed in New Zealand, they’re pre-washed and pre-packed appealing to all your convenience-driven customers. Developed specifically as a snack food, Rockit apples are the size of a golf ball, they’re crunchy, juicy and sweet in flavour. Promote this variety as the perfect lunchbox addition!


Eve Apples

Eve is also known as the ‘Snow White apple’ due to its beautiful deep red skin and clean white flesh. This variety offers flavour nuances of tangy citrus flavours and sweet grape undertones. Also known as the ‘late-season’ apple, Australian grown Eve is the ideal mix of sweetness, tartness, crispiness, and juiciness.


Red Love Apples

Truly unique, Red Love apples are one of the first red skin, red flesh apples! This variety has been bred in Switzerland and is 20 years in the making (talk about made with love.) Reminiscent of the favourable Granny Smith, it’s tart and sweet. When cut into quarters, a distinct heart shape is formed within the flesh. This variety is particularly enticing, due to its red pigmentation, it doesn’t oxidise as quickly as a white flesh apple would! Therefore, we recommend positioning these as the perfect addition to a cheeseboard, salad or baked dessert.

Kanzi Apples

You’ve likely heard of the Kanzi Apple, it had a bumper crop in 2021, in fact, it had a harvest volume of 50 million kg making it the second biggest branded apple variety in the world. This apple is bursting with flavour, and it features a deliciously sweet and tangy taste. The flavour hails from its parents – the sweet Gala and the tangy Braeburn. Keeping its firmness for longer, making it perfect for snacking and slicing, its flesh naturally stays whiter for longer too!

Bravo Apples

Adding colour to your shelves is essential and with Bravo, it’s effortless. The striking burgundy skin sets them apart on the shelf and is sure to catch your customer’s eye. The flavour profile can be described as, sweet with a fresh aroma (similar to the earthy smell of rain on dry earth), with hints of woody, Christmas spice and red wine flavours. Rated as Australia’s best tasting apple, and packed full of flavonoids – there’s much to love!


Yello Apples

Have you seen anything like it? There’s your unique selling point! Yello originates from Japan and is a delicious cross of Golden Delicious and Senshu. Known for its complex flavour with hints of pineapples, pear, and lemon zest, it is also reminiscent of cooked apples and summer blossoms. The vibrant yellow skin is sure to wow your customers so make the most of cross-merchandising with your entertaining ranges.



Beautiful is an understatement for the bi-coloured Ambrosia. Smooth, buttery yellow and blushing pink, this apple has a distinctly perfumed aroma and honeyed flavour. Unlike other varieties, this apple doesn’t have thick, waxy skin making it super easy to bite into. Ambrosia offers a light, crisp texture, with soft floral notes, it’s no wonder this harmonious apple is a crowd-pleaser.


Mi Apples

Bursting with flavour, the Mi Apple is an exciting, all new apple to hit the market! Developed in Western Australia, this variety is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Lady William. Also known as a ‘season opener,’ and ‘early ripener’ this variety is known for its block-red skin, dense flesh, and crunch factor.

Make the humble apple exciting again. There is no better time to showcase the array of delicious options available! With an apple for everyone, offer in-store usage suggestions, highlight seasonality and identify the various flavour profiles on offer.

Bring the buzz back to apple eating!

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