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Big Yes To Bravo Apples


Apples are a staple fruit enjoyed all year round in households across Australia. While it has been a bumper apple season for quality and taste this year, there’s a new apple variety on the block that you may be yet to try.

Taking over 20 years to breed, develop, and perfect – Bravo™ Apples are like no other and get the big tick from us here at Fruitlink.

Flavour profile

Bravo™ Apples are ranked as Australia’s best tasting apple, a cross between the popular Cripps Red and Royal Gala apple varieties. High in antioxidants, crunch factor and distinctly sweet, this Apple is proving to be a popular favourite.

With a wide assortment of apples currently in the market to choose from, Bravo™ is truly something different. They add a bit of variety to your department and extend a unique flavour offering.

Bravo™ apple flavour profile is described as:

  • Sweet with a fresh aroma similar to the earthy smell of rain on dry earth
  • Hints of woody, Christmas spice and red wine flavours
  • Very pleasant, well-balanced sugar to acid flavour

Like no other

It’s no secret that we Aussies love our apple varieties, so why not capitalise on sales by having a great in-store display.

Adding colour to your promotions are essential, luckily for Bravo – their striking burgundy skin sets them apart on the shelf and is sure to catch your customer’s eye. While the Bravo™ Apple will steal the show, why not cross-merchandise for bumper sales. Try promoting these with your entertaining ranges, near salad kits for some crunch or even alongside the baking aisle for the ultimate dessert.

Bravo Apples InStore


Claps from your customers

This well-balanced, versatile apple stays fresher for longer with slow-to-brown properties. Under the rich burgundy skin is crisp flesh, which is loaded with juice and holds its shape well when cooked. Due to their long life storage and freshness, promote this special variety as the following:

  • Perfect sliced for lunchboxes
  • Fantastic with entertaining platters
  • Delicious in any dessert
  • Nutritious breakfast addition

We recommend offering usage suggestions, highlighting their season, and identify the flavour profile for your customers too!

Bravo Serving Suggestions

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