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How Merchandising Can Add Value To Your Business

Ensuring high-quality and immaculate presentation of fruits and vegetables in retail stores can be quite challenging, and things like seasonality, weather, and supply/demand can make this a mammoth task.

Effective merchandising can make or break a customer’s willingness to purchase. They don’t want to search the shelves for mangoes in summer and won’t be picking up an apple from an empty or colourless display. Bearing in mind, 25% of shoppers will change stores if they’re not satisfied. Eek! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Fruitlink Before and After Merchandising

How does Fruitlink ease this pressure on store owners?

Here at Fruitlink, we are lucky enough to have a highly skilled Merchandising Team who offers ongoing support to our retail stores.

What does our Merch Team do?

The fantastic Merch team provides in-store merchandising and training to Produce Teams to ensure the department is best suited to the appropriate season. In addition, they create customised and aesthetically pleasing displays centred around your customer needs.

HOT TIP FROM THE MERCH TEAM: Colour is excellent for catching the customer’s eye and highlighting lines you want to promote.

Fruitlink Colour Blocking Display

What makes Fruitlink different?

We are the only wholesaler who has a Merchandising Team! No other wholesaler offers this service.

We work with our customers to provide extra support and knowledge so they can get the best out of our delicious produce offerings, while maximising sales.

And what’s better? Our Merch Team travels across Queensland and New South Wales to various regional stores throughout the year! So, no matter where you are on the map, you won’t miss out.

Mark Cicero assisting with the merchandising at a store visit

Our commitment to you

We are committed to providing produce teams with ongoing education through ‘training relays’. These valuable educational moments teach best practices for maintaining the department’s highest standards.

The merch team ensures the produce team is involved when relaying the department by explaining why and how to display, store and handle the produce—helping reduce wastage, which is sustainable and can increase sales!

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