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Make Mango Merchandising Count

The most magical time of year!

Ahh.. mangoes spotted on supermarket shelves, is there anything more synonymous with the arrival of summer! Mango season is here.

Two of our in-season picks are the Kensington Pride and Calypso varieties. Kensington Pride mangos have a rich, and tangy flavour with vibrant orange-pink skin, while Calypso mangos are juicy with a smaller seed and fibre-free flesh.


Storage Tips

In the pantry, on the kitchen bench or in the fridge? Educate your customers about the selection and ripening of mangoes. Why not utilise ripeness indicators or tips on how to select and store for optimum taste factor!

Once ripe, mangos should be moved to the refrigerator which will slow down the ripening process. Whole, ripe mangoes can be stored for up to five days in the refrigerator and can be frozen for up to six months once peeled, diced, and stored in an airtight container.

In storage, ensure whole mangoes remain at 12°C to 15°C but never below 7°C. Display mangoes at room temperature and never in refrigeration. Also, take care when handling your mangoes, gentle handling is your key to avoid bruising. We also recommend inspecting your displays regularly and removing any shrivelled or injured fruit immediately!

Merch Madness

  • Group mangoes by ripeness in the store display. Place the riper, fresher mangoes toward the front and the less ripe further back in the display.
  • Keep displays well-stocked but do not stack too high to avoid bruising.
  • Build large and vibrant mango displays in the produce department or front of store, especially when mango volumes are at their highest and when mangoes are on promotion.
  • During summer, mangoes account for a large amount of fruit sales in the department so give your mangoes prominence!
  • High volume stores, or those with a significant produce department sales percentage can build sales by carrying multiple varieties and/or sizes of mangoes.

Maximse Mango sales!

Versatile is an understatement! Promote mangoes as the perfect addition to salsas, summer salads, desserts, sauces, and smoothies! Use signage to share ideas with your customers and create buzz for all of the delicious ways to enjoy mangos. You can also include nutrition information pushing their rich health benefits.

Mango Hacks

Sure, a diced mango is aesthetic (and fun to eat), but want a quick, easy, and mess-free way to peel mangoes? We’ve got a super-simple technique for you.

You’ll need a knife and a clean glass. Start by cutting the cheeks off the mango, leaving the seed. While cupping the cheek, slide it down from the rim to the bottom of the glass. The delicious mango flesh will slide into the glass, leaving the skin behind. Viola, it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Make mango merchandising count this season and share the mango magic with your customers!

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