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Setting up a Good Stone Fruit Promotion

Spring has well and truly arrived and that can only mean one thing… The return of our Aussie Stone Fruit!


It’s no secret that us Aussies love our stone fruit, so why not capitalise on sales by having a great in-store display. We share our top tips from our experts on how to set up a great stone fruit promotion.

Select products you want to promote

Price shouldn’t always be the catalyst for a promotion, both quality and size should also be considered.

Look at your store’s current layout

In-store planning is key when deciding on a promotion. Consider your store’s current layout, and choose a section that is big enough to accommodate a promotion, and has high foot traffic.

Stonefruit Display

Include complimentary and seasonal lines

Whilst you want the stone fruit to steal the show, that doesn’t mean other lines shouldn’t be considered. Although cross-merchandising is time consuming, it is effective. Try promoting stone fruit with salad kits, or yoghurt and cereal for the breakfast table.

Colour is important

If you want an eye-catching display and the section to pop, colour is an important factor. Limited colour can cause the fruit to blend into each other, resulting in a bland display. The use of kale or cabbage leaves can help with colour breaks, as the green will break up the reds and yellows of most soft fruit.

Make sure displays aren’t too deep

You don’t need to have expansive displays to make an impact. Instead, focus on the range, have a well thought out plan, and great in-store execution.

Considering the above tips when setting up your stone fruit display will help increase your sales. Ultimately, the quality and flavour of the fruit will keep customers coming back.

Want more stone fruit tips?

Check out our handy stone fruit handling guide – perfect for extending the shelf life of your stone fruit!

Stone Fruit Handling Guide

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