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Spotlight Seasonal Eating This Spring

Nothing beats seasonal fruit and veg. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also easier on wallets and tastes better too. Rather than an endless rotation of potatoes, carrots, and broccoli, eating seasonally could see your customers get a little creative with unique produce on offer, exploring a range of tastes, colours, and textures.

Give your customers a reason to eat with the seasons! Check out our top produce picks for your store below.


The ultimate spring green! Packed with flavour, firm with a nutty crunch, Australian-grown asparagus is now in season. Tender spring asparagus is delicious served raw in salads, roasted or pan-fried. Promot asparagus as an exciting, crunch-worthy alternative to your classic, tried and true greens like broccoli and lettuce.


Available year-round but prime in spring, radishes add a pop of colour to displays and plates. Sliced raw for salads, these lend a mild, yet spicy bite and fresh crunch to any meal. The best part, if the green tops look good, they’re also edible so pop them in a salad for a peppery finish. Talk about root to stem cooking!


Nature’s superfood, nutrient-packed blueberries are one of the healthiest snack foods. Blueberries are full of goodness, high in antioxidants and support brain health. These are currently in season, sweet and smooth in texture making them ideal for on-the-go snacking, and lunchbox additions. Promote them on multi-buy and watch them fly off your shelves.


It’s no secret that customers go crazy for kale. These leafy greens contain an impressive list of nutrients, antioxidants and can be a funky addition to many recipes. For a healthy springtime snack, get the kids in the kitchen and roast the leaves with olive oil – homemade kale chips anyone?!


Sweet, earthy, and high in nutritional value. Yes, we’re talking about beets! These are at their smallest and sweetest during springtime, and they work a treat in both sweet and savoury dishes. Their velvety texture and subtle flavour will give your shelves a splash of colour, your customers will be coming back for this versatile favourite in no time.

From in-season signage to exciting spring merchandising and displays and informative recipe cards, why not provide more value around seasonality to your customers. There is no better time to spotlight the abundant spring produce on offer.

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