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Super Spuds: All You Need To Know About Potatoes

Who doesn’t love potatoes! Contrasting in tastes and texture, spuds are a much loved staple worldwide. With plenty of varieties in season and looking their best, now is the perfect time to increase your instore offering for customers.

We’ve put together a super spud guide for your store below.

Kipfler Potatoes

The Kipfler is an elongated and finger-shaped potato with yellow coloured skin and flesh. Due to their low starch content, this variety of spud is not recommended for mashing. Instead, promote this nutty-flavoured variety as the perfect pick for roasting, steaming, or for a great pizza topping!

Dutch Cream Potatoes 

A true all-rounder! One of the most popular potatoes is the waxy and full Dutch Cream. Rich and buttery, these thin-skinned beauties make a gorgeous mash and are equally tasty when pureed.

King Edward Potatoes

Deemed the king of all roasting potatoes! The pink colouration, shallow eyes and floury texture makes a perfectly fluffy roast potato and can even be dry baked.

Desiree Potatoes

The Desiree variety have pink coloured skin and are a popular choice for Australian growers due to their drought-resistant properties. Equally waxy and starchy, they make a good all-rounder choice for cooking. Boiled, mashed, fried or in a salad – the choice is yours!

Sebago Potatoes

These oval-shaped gems also make for a fantastic versatile option. These potatoes are likely to crumble when cooked, perfect for mashing, roasting or steaming. The best part – baked Sebago potatoes will soak up those cooking juices whilst still maintaining that crispy exterior.

It goes without saying that potatoes can transform themselves into many forms and complement many flavours; leaving your customers spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the perfect potato.

Why not increase your offering, there is a potato on the shelf for everyone!

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