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The Fruitlink Mother's Day Guide

When it comes to mums, where do you even start?

There is never one right answer or perfect gift for Mothers Day – it’s all about knowing what means a lot to your mum. This years Mothers Day will look a little different than most, so making sure to spend quality time as a family is more important than ever. Below are some Mothers Day ideas and gifts we think your mum will love – and all they involve is a trip to your local supermarket!


Mothers Day Brunch

Spoil mum with a homecooked Mothers Day brunch. Try bacon and premium eggs from Big Boys or Yallamundi Farm on toast topped off with a tasty chutney, or French toast with delicious fresh berries and syrup for a sweet cook-up. Whatever you choose, she’s sure to appreciate the effort – serve up in the backyard with a family game or two to enjoy the sunshine!


Flowers or Potted Plants

One tried and true way to say a sincere thank you for all her love and care through the years is with a bouquet of Mothers Day flowers. You can never go wrong with a lovely arrangement of the most popular flower types – lilies, chrysanthemums, tulips, or sunflowers – to please even the pickiest of mums!

If she’s more into deco and arrangement, perhaps a bouquet is more her style. Stick to Australian flora with a Native Bouquet or go more traditional with a Lily Bouquet, from Campbell and Bradley Flowers.

For a longer-lasting gift, try a potted plant! A Princettia from Pohlmans Plants is a long-lasting and easy care potted plant, perfect for a stunning gift that will brighten up the household.



If mum’s got a sweet tooth, put together a mini chocolate hamper, full of her favourite treats. Try Noosa Natural Chocolate Co’s mouth-watering combinations of fruit or nuts and chocolate. For more traditional confectionary, Kelly’s Candy have a great array of fudges, brittles, and sweets!

Finding something special for mum this Mothers Day doesn’t have to be hard. In the end, it’s not what you get that makes the difference, but the heart you put into making the day truly special. She is sure to love the delicious brunch, bouquet, or chocolate basket, but just knowing you are thinking of her means the world.

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