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Your Guide To Snacking: Gourmet Good For You!

Now that we’re back into the swing of the 2021 work grind, your customers are looking for ways to stay energised throughout the day. Ensure you have a healthy selection of snacks at the ready, such as big displays in your healthy and lifestyle section plus impulse lines at the registers. Why not reserve at least one (or all!) registers for healthy snacks like energy balls and grab’n’go nuts rather than chocolates and gum.

Although finding snacks to suit varying tastes, dietary needs and budget can look a little different for everyone, we have put together our must-haves that are good for you, great for snacking and of course – your customers will love them.

Share some of these ideas on your social media channels or create take-away flyers or recipes in store.


Nutritious Nuts


One of our favourite desk staples are mixed nuts because they deliver a great source of protein and good fats. And there’s no one that does nuts better than Yummy Snack Co. Their wide range includes trail mixes and a variety of salted, unsalted, glazed, raw, and roasted options.

Nuts also pair well with fresh fruit. Try apple and almonds for a rich in fibre, low in calories option, or banana and walnuts for an energy lift.


Gourmet Granola

Another great grab-and-go snack is granola. Aside being high in fibre and providing a protein boost, granola is incredibly versatile. You can enjoy it as a  snack straight from the bag or on top of milk or yoghurt for a nutritious meal.

Packed with nutrients, Prandii’m offers a seriously yummy crunch without the nasties. With 4 fabulous flavours available, there’s something for everyone!


Effortless Energy Balls

Energy Balls are a fantastic homemade snack that you can even batch-prep for the week ahead. If you are planning to make them yourself, chances are you already have the ingredients in your pantry. Try mixing nut butter, dried fruit, cocoa powder, and some espresso for a great pick me up.

If you’re time poor like us,
Good Mix have created the easiest (and most delicious!) premix – all you have to do is blend and roll. Energy balls also freeze well – so prepare, freeze and you’ll never be snack-less again!

Want more?

If you’re after even more healthy snack alternatives, check out our current gourmet catalogue for our full snack range. We’ve got many unique, interesting and exclusive lines, including delicious dressing and condiments, authentic antipasto, funky fermented foods, delicious home-made confectionary, and much more.

Click here for our Gourmet Catalogue!

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